An Excellent Choice for Hydraulic Control in a Variety of Industries

The Microtork valves are four way, high gain, Rotary Mechanical Servo Valves that can sense and control the precise positioning of anything that is controlled hydraulically or pneumatically.  A precise instrument with only one moving part, the valve can be mounted in any position and requires no adjustment. 

A Unique Concept in Hydraulic Controls

The Microtork valve makes for the simplest type of positional feedback system because of the extremely low torque required to operate the valve.

Developed originally for directly sensing the paper edge in an edge guiding application it enabled the designer to build into his mechanism a type of control that has been impossible with previously available components.

The Microtork valve can replace expensive electro-hydraulic in many applications. It is one of the most economic and reliable methods of positioning, sensing and following.


  • Designated for hydraulic use up to 3000 PSIG
  • Stainless Steel internals with Aluminum, Steel, or Stainless body
  • An extremely low force of only a few inch-ounces of torque is required to rotate the valve stem, which in turn controls up to 3,000 PSIG of hydraulic pressure.
  • Sensitivity and gain adjustments are easily made by changing the length of the control arm
  • Valves are designed with a slight “negative lap” which keeps both ports closed f when the valve is in the neutral or null position

Common Applications:

  • Loop and Tension Control
  • Flying Shears
  • Positioning and Locating
  • Following Templates and Cams
  • Coil and Remind and Unwind Machines
  • Maintaining level with a Pendulum Feedback to Valve
  • Web Guiding for Belts, Paper, and Metal
  • Speed Control


  • Simple Mounting and Piping
  • No Electrical Connections
  • Special Configurations and Designs Available Upon Request